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21 minutes in 2021

21 minutes in 2021

This morning, I ordered our forces stationed in the Philippines and Southeast Asia to open fire with precision. The North Korean forces stationed in the Sea of China and the central government buildings in Pyongyang had been hit destroyed. In the Middle East, Tehran and its environs were badly hit by the Tomahawk missile. I have just spoken with my colleagues in China and the Soviet Union. And they assured me that they would not join the fighting.

Let no one will misunderstand, we demand an immediate surrender. Otherwise, we will use the Trident missiles we have. I am not at all happy about the results of the attack, I am sorry for the loss of life, and I hope that we will all recover quickly from the nightmare we are all going through. God protect us all, God bless America,

So was the recorded voice of the American president sounded in the fragmentary webcast. Jane and Danny had just arrived on the island of Ibiza, where about 20,000 young men and women from all over the world on holiday. Suddenly there were very bright flashes of light in the sky, followed by muffled explosions and a feeling of very hot air spread. The worst happened, the darkness enveloped the world. From now on for the next 25 years. If radio broadcasts were received worldwide, they were ultra-short wave broadcasts.

Nobody knew that a line of code made by 10-year-old computer freak activated the machines- THE BOTS Done it all 


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