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131 Tones for Love

You find love or love finds you

The first sip of coffee in the morning somewhere in a cafe in Bangkok, tears streaming, that memory she could not get away from, could she not tell him how much she loved, to tell him she had no interest in that childhood friend who suddenly came out of nowhere. A message received informs her that your flight to Shanghai, which has been set for 17:00, is scheduled for after midnight. Well, now we have to update the reception at the hotel for another day.

Marie has been working for 25 years in the family business and wanted to combine the trip to China in a meeting with Hong, whom she met at the latest Digital Textile Show in Paris. Marie was the saleswoman of the family company founded by her grandfather Henry about 80 years ago. Over the years, the company manufactured fabrics from a great list of materials, usually it was cotton of one kind or another. The crowning glory was the silk fibers, in this area she learned of her father’s world-renowned company. Due to a patent that enabled the use of thin fibers made of ultra-thin silk. Arlene had a spinning method that made it possible to use the lightweight fiber without losing its strength, as well as the ability to preserve its red appearance. These were undoubtedly qualities that it is highly doubtful to imitate in any factory in the world.

Now we’ll have to go to Shanghai to close the deal, knock on the door. Hung in the doorway, with a bouquet of flowers, she looked at him in total shock. What are you doing here asked him? And in a polite accent, what does it matter? Where was my embrace, Marie’s eyes filled with tears? Surely she said to him and kissed him gently on the cheek and of course, he did not miss the opportunity to turn to her and kiss her. It was obvious. Love met Marie and Hong. In the next few hours, they did not miss a second to express their feelings. The next day they were on their way to an exhibition in Shanghai.

When they arrived at the exhibition, the Hong Kong company, “Silk Hong,” introduced Marie as the sales manager of Arlene. did not hesitate to ask Marie about the spinning systems Arlene deals with, how she sees her future in the next decade, and what her plans are Marriage, who was a beautiful woman in her early 30s, looked up at Hong and said, “When the knight arrives, I will probably have to get married”. what happen 5 min later nobody could expect, they met the grandmother. When she saw Marie, her legs buckled and she fell to the floor.

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Hong immediately came to help and raised the grandmother, it was all right she said. he asked her what had happened to you? Grandma The grandmother turned to him and said, please pour for me a glass of water and then sit next to your girlfriend i want to tell you something. They sat down and from that moment on for a few hours listened to a love story that took place in Bangkok after World War, the couple had to say goodbye before giving him a drawing of fiber filament in 131 stages. The grandmother went on to say that it was my mother who was called by the man “Arlene” and she gave me this picture.
The grandmother took a picture from her purse and the figure in the picture was none other than Marie.

The grandmother took a picture from her purse and the figure in the picture was none other than Marie.

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